Practice through the Tough Parts: 2 Minutes To Mastery #1

Most of us have heard the saying “practice how you perform”.  The spirit of that saying is: “really give it your all in rehearsal, so you know what that feels like. When you finally play the show, you can go on autopilot and everything will fall into place.” I’d like to talk about the flip side…

Music Theory (Dispelling the Myth)

“I don’t really care about the ‘theory’ of what I’m doing. I’ll just play what I play… I don’t want to lose the soul of my music or have to follow any ‘rules’.”

I’ve heard variations on this theme for my entire musical life, and probably said something exactly like this when I was 12 and learning how to play guitar. In a way, I understand the sentiment, but since I first dove deep into music theory I’ve come to understand one very simple truth: